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At MS Construction & Remodeling, LLC., we take pride in being the number one renovation resource for Portland homeowners. We add new remodeling articles every month to help you have the information on remodeling before you ever begin!  Be sure to check back monthly to see our new articles.

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Exterior House Painting - Adds Color and Protects Your Investment

Painting the exterior of your home is a major investment so you want to get it right. Obviously the outside of your home is the first thing people see, so it makes..(read more)

Get More Use Out of Your Basement by Finishing It

Many of us are looking for good basement finishing ideas so that we can complete that room and turn it into something that can be used. Basements often end up..(read more)

Choosing Bathroom Cabinets for Your Portland Home

In most Potland homes today it really is quite common to only have just a single bathroom cabinet to put things in. If it's a normal sized bathroom it will probably be..(read more)

Things You Should Look For With Remodeling Contractors

Whether the homeowner is do-it-yourself savvy or would simply prefer leaving everything in the hands of experts, the homeowner at one point or another would need the help..(read more)

How to Hire Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Getting your bathroom remodeled can be quite challenging if you don't know how to find the right bathroom remodeling contractors. It only makes sense to get the best contractors to deal with your bathroom...(read more)

How to Pick a Remodeling Contractor

If you live in the state of Oregon and you plan on having some remodeling done, you may need a good home remodeling contractor to help you out with your needs...(read more)

Home Improvement Ideas: Flooring Options

Changing your floor covering is one of the most popular home improvement ideas. It is very easy to just replace floor coverings with new and slightly different versions of the same thing.  When the carpet begins to show signs of wear and tear, many homeowners just replace it with new carpet of the same type.  But...(read more)

Estimating Remodeling Costs

Estimating remodeling costs is generally a challenging process.  Many different factors have to be taken into consideration when trying to determine what the final costs are going to be.  Often times, even the best estimates wind up being a bit...(read more)

Kitchen Layout Shape and Kitchen Remodeling

A decision you must make early in planning your kitchen remodeling project is the layout you will use for your new kitchen.  Most kitchens are designed in one of four basic shapes.  These shapes are considered the most efficient by...(read more)

Understanding Energy-Efficiency in Replacement Windows

 Window replacement for improved energy efficiency is one of the most popular remodeling projects undertaken by homeowners today.  Replacing your windows could result in energy savings of 30% or more in any region of the U.S...(read more)

A Guide To Handyman

 A handyman is a person who has a lot of skills that you may not even imagine. Most people cannot do all the jobs required for maintaining a Portland Area house. We always look for some people who will do these little chores for us. For example ...(read more)

Should You Choose A Window Awning?

 A window awning is typically a piece of canvas or cloth which protrudes above a window by way of a frame which is fixed to the building. The canvas is then stretched ...(read more)

5 Home Remodeling Mistakes

 Lucky are those who already have their own Portland Area homes, because they can consider them as investments. No matter how old the Portland Area home is, there is always an option and an opportunity to make the Portland Area home ...(read more)


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